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A Brief Note About Holidays

Dearest Curious Readers,

As you know, we — your intrepid Curators — typically post our new stories every Wednesday. However, tomorrow being the Fourth of July in the United States, we have decided not to post a new story this week, out of respect for readers celebrating the holiday, and because, well, we have a rather considerable fondness for firecrackers.

We will therefore most likely be spending the rest of the week setting off our sizable collection in the Cabinet basement, for there, we will be in no danger of starting wildfires in the woods that surround our strange little town. We Curators, after all, are responsible as well as occasionally pyromaniacal . . .

Wait, what’s that?

How can we set off fireworks in a basement, you ask?

Oh. Oh. We haven’t told you about the Cabinet basement yet, have we? We have not told you about its gargantuan size, and what it contains, and to what realms it is connected?

Don’t worry, dear ones. We will tell you all about it someday, or perhaps, if you someday choose to seek out our crooked little door on our crooked little street, you can see it for yourself. If, that is, you have the constitution for such things.

Until then, lovingly, cacklingly,

Your Curators

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