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October is the Month of . . . Well, What Do You Think?

Dearest readers,

We wish you a happy October — full of goblins and ghouls, tricks and treats, dead leaves and wandering souls, slinking shadows and bumps in the night.

This season of the undead and the unexpected is our favorite time of year. Even the Cabinet itself has a special fondness for October. The books on our shelves shiver with glee, the caskets in the fifth-floor lounge simply will not stay shut, and the creeping vines in our gardens keep dragging over bones and brains and rotty bits from the nearby cemetery. For fun, they insist, in preparation for our grand party on the 31st. We’re not quite sure what the gardens have in mind for the party, but we have stocked up on spirit wrangling supplies, just in case.

It might not surprise you, then — indeed, it probably shouldn’t — that our theme for this month is Halloween, but rest assured that our stories this month will be as surprising and horrifying as ever. And do avoid cemeteries in the coming weeks, just in case. We’re not entirely certain how far our gardens can reach, and you wouldn’t want to find yourself suddenly snatched by a sentient vine, dragged through soil and rock, and then thrust into a rosebush next to a maggoty skeleton, would you? Or maybe you would, you delightfully twisted readers, you.

Lovingly, mischievously,

Your Curators

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