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January: And The Year Comes ‘Round Again

It was a year ago this very week–said the wrinkled hag, pulling her threadbare cloak closer against the freezing wind, and somehow simultaneously pointing a crooked cane at you in warning–

–(figuratively, of course: in reality, I am wearing a rather chic wool raspberry-colored coat, and pointing at you with one long, elegant finger and shiny, plum-painted nail)–

–anyway:  it was a year ago THIS VERY WEEK that we four Cabinet curators first began to share our delicious and horrifying story collections on this website.

Much has happened in that year: we have fought with bad luck, poison flowers, lizard people, rightly furious whales–oh, the list goes on. Why in the past year, nigh-on to fifty terrifying tales have scrolled down and down these death-blue pages! cried the wrinkled hag, etc etc.

This year we have also begun preparations for a book of our adventures, including a number of new tales too dreadful to have been included here in public. That book will assume physical form in your trembling hands on May 27 of this year.

In honor of this anniversary, and that significant day, this month our stories will focus on calendars, and anniversaries, and other important dates.

So happy anniversary to us. Put on your party hats, boys and girls.

But be very, very, careful when, quite suddenly, all of the lights go out.


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