The Cabinet of Curiosities
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Hello, dearest readers,

Did you know that, in less than two months, The Cabinet of Curiosities releases in bookstores everywhere?

That’s right: On May 27, you can have a copy of our 36 tales brief and sinister for your very own–in e-book format, paperback, and/or hardcover.

You can even pre-order it at these fine retailers, if you so desire: amazon | barnes & noble | indiebound | the book depository | itunes | books-a-million

(And if you’d like to read about how important pre-orders are to the authors you love, please do refer to this piece written by our own Curator Legrand.)

Today, we want to share with you a couple of beautiful treats to whet your appetite for this momentous day–the glorious jacket for the hardcover Cabinet of Curiosities, and the equally divine paperback cover (click on thumbnails for larger images).

Enjoy, and be on the lookout for more bookish treats in the weeks to come.


Your Curators



Cabinet of Curiosities Jacket


Cabinet of Curiosities CVR


Cabinet of Curiosities CVR2

The Cabinet’s New Face

Good morning, lovely readers. Are you having an enjoyable Monday? We do hope so.

Recently, our merry band of Curators was all aflutter at receipt of what will be our most lovely, tangible collection to date, That is to say, the stunning artwork that will grace the cover of our book. Because we are tricksy and it is in our nature to send you off on your own adventures, we revealed the art first on, but now we have it here to share with you. Feast your eyes!

Cabinet of curiosities HC c (2)

This wondrous object is now also available for pre-order at Amazon and Barnes & Noble if you wish to add it to your own collections.

We Curators thank you for coming along on this most exciting journey with us.

A Brief Blip in the Scheme of Things

Hello, dear reader. This is not a story. The title would perhaps suggest a story, something deep and meaningful about a Blip, who is brief, and becomes lost in some sort of Scheme-ery of Things. . . But in that case the title would be misleading. This is to tell you that Stefan Bachmann’s tale has been slightly delayed due to the publication of his new book The Whatnot, and he is unfortunately drowning in things to do. When the last of these things have been extracted from his lungs, he will post a story, likely within the next two days. He thanks you very much for your patience.

A Brief Note About Holidays

Dearest Curious Readers,

As you know, we — your intrepid Curators — typically post our new stories every Wednesday. However, tomorrow being the Fourth of July in the United States, we have decided not to post a new story this week, out of respect for readers celebrating the holiday, and because, well, we have a rather considerable fondness for firecrackers.

We will therefore most likely be spending the rest of the week setting off our sizable collection in the Cabinet basement, for there, we will be in no danger of starting wildfires in the woods that surround our strange little town. We Curators, after all, are responsible as well as occasionally pyromaniacal . . .

Wait, what’s that?

How can we set off fireworks in a basement, you ask?

Oh. Oh. We haven’t told you about the Cabinet basement yet, have we? We have not told you about its gargantuan size, and what it contains, and to what realms it is connected?

Don’t worry, dear ones. We will tell you all about it someday, or perhaps, if you someday choose to seek out our crooked little door on our crooked little street, you can see it for yourself. If, that is, you have the constitution for such things.

Until then, lovingly, cacklingly,

Your Curators

An Uncharted Journey Through June

Mischievous ones,

There is a certain wicked thrill to venturing off to lands unknown, uncertain as to what you might see there, or to stepping aboard the mode of transport that will take you there. More than at any other time, perhaps, there is a sense in that moment that anything can happen.

Your Curators here in the Cabinet are a worldly and adventurous bunch, and we need to be, for how else would we go forth and collect the objects displayed here? On ghost ships and clackety trains that whisk through the night, we search far and wide for interesting tales.

It is fitting, then, that we dedicate a month – this month – to the theme of TRAVEL in all its many forms. Will it be to a land of faery magic behind that mysterious door in the basement or to discover the story of a naughty child beyond an ocean and just a smidge to the left?

Come on the journey with us and see.